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3-D Without the Glasses

Same Day Proofing Service
More than 15 years producing lenticular promotional products: business cards, movie posters, book covers, postcards, and collectibles.

Technical Information
Select from: 'Flip,' (Changing image) 'Motion,' 'Zoom,' 'Morph,' or '3-D'.

Artwork Considerations
Flip' (Changing image), Motion, Zoom, Morph Lenticulars

To design an effective Lenticular, it is important to know how the image will be viewed:
Will the viewer hold the Lenticular and tilt the image up and down, or walk past it to see it changing from left to right!

For maximum visual impact, 'Flip' Lenticulars should be designed with two compatible images: similar pictures and similar backgrounds, with the flip occurring in approximately the same place on each image. ( just like cartoon cells) The more alike the backgrounds and images are, the less "ghosting effects "(seeing one image behind the other) occur.

For best results, a 2-3 phase flip is recommended - meaning switching between just two or three separate images.

For 'Flip' Lenticulars, we require two different photographs or two separate images. They may be from original art, photographs,

DVD, 35 mm slides, or high resolution scanned images. Today just about any computer format will do.

For 'Motion', 'Zooms', and ‘Morphs’, we accept up to 50 frames, but 12 frames should be ample.
All text should be at least 8- 12 pt. or higher for the text to be readable under the Lenticular lens.
Because the lens selected for the Lenticular directly impacts the quality of the final product, we will use our years of experience to select the "lenticules per inch" that is most appropriate for your job.






3D Lenticulars
3D Lenticulars can be created from original 3D photography, or from a 2D image which we can convert into 3D. The original 2D image can be an original photograph, a high-resolution scanned image, or a layered image in Photoshop. We will perform a professional high resolution conversion to turn the 2D image into a 3D image.

Digital art must be supplied as a Photoshop file. Any layers MUST be supplied 'UNMERGED'.

Sending all files to Corporate Lenticulars of America
Apart from visuals, these should be sent as JPEGs. Please ensure that all files for converting into Lenticulars are sent as:

Photoshop layered file, RGB or CMYK
Each layer within that file should contain a different image. Images to be at least 300 dpi at final print size, and include 1/8-inch bleed. 3-D pictures should have at least a ½-inch bleed.